Connect with Lunder Institute Senior Fellow Oscar Santillán

The Lunder Institute will host a dialogue session with senior fellow Oscar Santillán, faculty, and students via Zoom on November 16th at 5 p.m. EST.

Santillán’s practice emerges from the notion of “Antimundo,” which he understands as “a way of identifying and generating realities that do not fit in the world.” For this purpose, he has resorted to forms of knowledge production and imaginaries overlooked by mainstream Western thinking, such as cybernetics, science fiction, ancient cosmologies, a more inclusive history of science and plant intelligence. This ”Antimundo” toolbox is complemented by disrupting paradigms, such as artificial intelligence and synthetic biology. Santillán (b. 1980, Ecuador) splits his time between Ecuador and the Netherlands.

This session will be an opportunity for the Colby community to be involved in his proposed project and research. If interested join live here.  

Colby students who are interested in supporting Santillán’s work through a paid research assistantship are encouraged to apply here or contact Karen Platt